Protecting the Texas Coast from hurricanes remains in forefront of planners

Every 15 years or so, the Texas coast gets hit by a major hurricane and we're overdue--which is why it's so crucial to start work on the Coast Spine proposal.

It's been 11 years since Ike made landfall—and that was only a Category two.

Now, there's some actual movement—inspired by the Dutch.

Bill Merrell, Texas A&M University-Galveston regents professor, president emeritus and George P. Mitchell chair, said the Army Corps of Engineers selected a Coastal Spine proposal, which is similar to the “Ike Dyke” proposal.

He said they agree on the basic premise to stop the water at the coast and keep the water in the Galveston Bay at an absolute minimum.

"We don't exactly agree on how to get there, so we're looking at different options and we're working with the Corps and others on those issues," said Merrell.

He said the Coastal Spine proposal is due in 2021.

"That will be sent to Congress, then we need funding and the Corps estimates that would take four to five years and then they would build it and it'd be ready in 2030-something, 2040-something," said Merrell.

Hurricane Ike Makes Landfall On Texas Coast

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