Texas students are middle of the pack in their share of student loan debt

Some of the democrats running for the white house say they want to forgive student loan debt. Texas ranks in the middle of the pack when it comes to states where students have the most debt.

On his radio show financial advice expert Dave Ramsey told a man who'd just graduated from college with $150,000 debt to pay it off ASAP.

"Why don't we keep our lifestyle down and pay this student loan off in a heartbeat, like, two years?"

Ramsey says if your college degree got you a high-paying job you won't really enjoy your income with the student debt weighing you down.

"Go back to the Ramen noodles for two years and be 100% debt free."

Ramsey says college loan debt, it's a cancer.

"And I'm saying cut the cancer out fast; don't play with it like it's a pet."

Texas ranks 24th overall for student loan debt, per student, in the WalletHub survey. South Dakota has the most debt per student, Utah has the least.

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