Effects of torrential rain and flooding on oil and natural gas production

Tropical Storm Barry continues to drench the gulf coast.

As we know there are a lot of oil rigs in the Gulf.

It's reported 42 percent of the platforms have been evacuated. That's 283 oil platforms and 10 percent of the rigs have been evacuated. That's six rigs moved out of the storm's path.

The storm is also effecting 56 percent of natural gas production the in Gulf.

National Weather Service meteorologist Charles Roeseler said Texas is looking good, but we might see some rain later on.

"Beaumont, Port Arthur is dry. Galveston is dry and all the way down to Freeport, everything has moved off shore for now. But, we do expect showers and thunderstorms to increase in coverage as the day wears on today with a little bit of daytime heating," said Roeseler.

Reportedly, the waters are receding in Terrebonne Parish, which had a mandatory evacuation orders after the Lower Dularge East Levee breached.

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