Barry's effect on Louisiana and what's in store for Texans

Tropical Storm Barry is continuing on its slow path to the north bringing the continued threat for heavy rain and flash flooding.

A levee was overtopped in several places in Plaquemines Parish.

Levees were also overtopped in two other parishes south of New Orleans.

More than 128,000 Louisiana homes and businesses were without power yesterday afternoon.

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued at least 11 people early Saturday in Terrebonne Parish.

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry said it appears Texans will be ok, but they didn't know for sure with the forecast changing so many times.

“We hope that people understand these things are to be taken seriously. I always say hurricanes are for preparing and not for planning a party. So, just make sure that you are prepared because this could’ve gone either direction,” said Henry.

He added Galveston County was prepared for anything and will continue to be on guard as we still have four more months in the hurricane season.

“We’re out of the woods with respects to storm surge and heavy winds. There’s still a potential for rain bands. We have not seen that potential materialize, yet, but, it’s still there,” said Henry.

TS Barry remains a significant flooding threat for the Lower Mississippi Valley into the Mid-South. There is a high risk of Flash Flooding today in portions of Louisiana.

Louisiana Prepares For Flooding As Tropical Storm Barry Approaches

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