Barry churns towards Louisiana; Texas out of cone

It’s now a tropical storm. Barry is making its way towards land, and while Texas is mostly out of danger, our neighbors to the east are not.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has called for a state of emergency. The big concern is flooding rains, and Dave Roberts with the National Hurricane Center tells KTRH this will be a multi-day event.

“This will be the case throughout the whole weekend,” Roberts said.

And that is going to cause a major headache for New Orleans.

“The levees have been really stressed. Now we have the storm moving in, and that’s going to be a really big problem,” Rich Reichmuth of Fox News said.

So, what can we expect in our coastal areas today?

“We are looking at a 20-30% chance of rain. Most of the action associated with Barry is going to be to our east,” Nikki Hathaway with the National Weather Service in League City said.

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry tells KTRH this could have been a lot worse, and that it shows we can never be complacent during hurricane season.

“It’s a great reminder to make sure you have your plan and kit well before you need them,” Henry stated.

And Texans will be helping out our neighbors in Louisiana. Centerpoint is on standby to assist.

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