NHC: Houston NOT in latest cone projection for tropical trouble as of 7AM

As you wake up this morning, there is good news for Texas in terms of the tropical weather we have been tracking all week.

The projections for that is now 'Potential Tropical Cyclone 2' continue to move to the east, closer to Louisiana and away from us here in Houston (and in Texas for that matter).

Hurricane specialist Lixion Avila at the National Hurricane Center tells KTRH the system is still expected to get stronger.

"We think it will become a depression later today," Acila said, adding that hurricane hunters will fly into the system again later on today.

Avila says the expectations are that this system will become a hurricane by the time it reaches the coast of Louisiana this weekend. The newest cone model that came out this morning does not have Houston in the 'cone of uncertainty.'

"Most of the models shifted to the right. So the official track has shifted to the east," Avila explained. "The environmental conditions will have this turning towards the coast of Loisiana."

We will keep watching the system as it develops, because as we all know, things can change.

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