Suspect in death of seven year old out on bond

One of the accused killers in the Jazmine Barnes murder is out of jail after bond was lowered.

The bond for Eric Black Jr. went from $500K to $150K. Houston criminal defense lawyer Carmen Roe says this happened after evaluation.

“We set really high bond for the purpose of better evaluating a person’s financial situation and safety to the community,” Roe said.

Harris County GOP Chairman Paul Simpson told KTRH this is an example of elections having consequences.

“That’s the problem you have when folks elect Democrats up and down the ballot across the state and here in Harris County,” Simpson stated, adding that your safety is not being taken into account like it should be.

“We need a district attorney and judges who will protect our families from predators and monsters that are preying on the public,” Simpson explained.

But Roe says if Black is out, there has to be conditions.

“He could have an ankle monitor on. He could be under any number of supervisory terms,” Roe told KTRH News.

Barnes was murdered December 30th when another car pulled up and opened fire.

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