Stricter Rules Will Quickly Reduce Pool of Democratic Presidential Hopefuls

Kamala Harris leapfrogged Elizabeth Warren by doubling her polling numbers since the first Democratic debates, while the majority of the field struggles to meet tougher requirements to make the fall contest.

The Democratic National Committee requires participants to hit two percent in multiple polls and 130,000 individual donors.

Even with Joe Biden losing ground, candidates like Beto O'Rourke, Julian Castro and others have not been able to capitalize.

“There's just nothing new that the Democratic Party can field right now, and so I just don't see you're going to find a new player, a new candidate that shows up or creeps to the top of this crowd,” says Matt Langston with Big Dog Strategies.

Langston says says even with Bernie Sanders running second to Biden, he's not much better off than candidates polling at six-percent or lower.

“They're going to have to diversify their school of thought,” he says. “Bernie Sanders has a significant following that will never leave him, which will allow him to be on life support much longer.”

“With Andrew Yang specifically, if you promise the American people you're going to write them a $1,000 check sure you'll have people coming to join your campaign, but by in large I don't think that's a message that's going to last.”

The next round of debates are scheduled later this month in the Motor City.



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