Sheriff Blames Honduran Burglary Ring on Congress, Low Bond Judges

Fort Bend County authorities arrest six illegal aliens tied to a Honduran burglary ring responsible for up to 100 thefts.

Detectives said all six have ICE holds and came back into the country illegally to commit crimes. Sheriff Troy Nehls says this is the result of a lack of progress by Congress on border security and immigration reform.

“It is just astounding that all six suspects have not let deportation stop them from coming back into this country illegally time and time again and unashamedly commit crime after crime. Something needs to be done about our border security,” Nehls told reporters Monday.

One of the suspects was out on bond for similar crimes in Harris County.

“A $2,000 bond, and you want to ask why are we having an issue in Houston,” said Nehls. “And I'm sad to say it's starting to trickle into Fort Bend County.”


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