You don't want the kind of health insurance Democrats are talking about

Democrats keep talking about Medicare for all, and that’s something you just don’t seem to be okay with.

More than half of you told CNN you are against getting rid of private health insurance.David Balat with the Texas Public Policy Foundation told KTRH the Dems are talking about something that’s un-American.

“People like choice. Healthcare is hyper-local,” Balat said.

So what happens if Dems win next year and get what they want?

“You’ll get a single payer system with government running all health care outlets throughout the nation,” Balat stated.

And Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy told Breitbart that would be a disaster.

“Republicans want to give power to patients, and Democrats want the government to have power over the patient. Now, I can tell you as a doctor who worked in a government-run system, when the government has power over the patient, there’s long lines and the priorities of that system are those that work there— think labor unions and administrators— and not of the patient,” Sen. Cassidy told Breitbart News Sunday.

But, as Balat points out, there's a split in the Democratic Party, with those for and against Medicare for all

Bernie Sanders

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