Texas counties are limited in what they can do about fireworks

It’s July 4th, and you’re going to hear fireworks. The Fort Bend County Sheriff wants you to know something before you call to complain about the noise.

Their hands are tied.

Major Chad Norvell told KTRH that complaining about fireworks to the Sheriff's department is not going to do you any good.

“A lot of people move from the city to Fort Bend where most of the county is outside of city limits and fireworks are legal in unincorporated areas,” Norvell explained.

Norvell says that every year, dispatch gets a lot of calls from people who just don’t know what the law is.

“We can’t make your neighbors stop because your dog doesn’t like it or your baby is sleeping. Dispatch gets a lot of angry phone calls,” he said, adding that counties can only do something about fireworks when there is a drought.

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