FBI Warns Police Across U.S. of Domestic Terror Threats Over Holiday

The FBI issues a blanket warning to local law enforcement across the U.S. of the threat of domestic terrorism this Independence Day.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo says he has not received any specific threat to our area, but urges anyone attending Freedom Over Texas or any other local celebrations to keep a watchful eye out for anything suspicious.

"Large crowds and events like, especially when it's to celebrate a significant holiday, the independence of this great nation.That is a target rich, ripe environment if you want to make a political statement," he says.

The chief says Houston Police will be out in full force at Eleanor Tinsley Park.

"We'll have a uniformed presence, plain clothes presence, aerial presence, just a lot of folks keeping an eye on everybody."

And he says security rules similar to the Texans or Astros games will be applied.

"In case you go through some of the areas that might have secure checkpoints to get in, bring clear backpacks or clear bags so they can see through it," says Acevedo.

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