Economy booms but many are afraid of recession

There’s a booming economy, but not everyone is buying in. In fact, plenty of you are nervous.

CNBC says one-third of you have cut spending and are afraid that a recession is coming. Economist Hank Lewis at Lone Star College tells KTRH you're afraid of something the hard numbers haven't indicated is coming.

“Stocks are at an all-time high. People are buying more homes. Unless you see a steady increase of unemployment insurance claims over 16 weeks it’s hard to say there are signs of a contraction,” Lewis explained.

So why are some of you afraid? Lewis says it could be the result of a mainstream media stoking your fears with analysts talking constantly about what they call a bad economy.

“An editorial is an opinion. It’s not the same thing as giving a scientific study,” Lewis said.

And there is this. We just broke its record for time without a recession, starting the 121st consecutive month of GDP growth since the 2008.

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