Security guard shoots, kills woman who attacked him after mental crisis

A security guard at an apartment complex that responded to a female resident "in crisis," beating the wall with a sledgehammer, ended up shooting and killing her when she hit him with a bat.

Houston Police say this took place at the Park at Sutton Hill Apartments at 11911 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd yesterday afternoon.

The early findings from the investigation show the security guard was trying to diffuse a tense situation.

According to police, there were two sisters and four children under the age of 7 inside an apartment.

One of the women went into what was described as a "mental crisis." She apparently had a sledgehammer and was banging on the wall. Her sister went to the security guard for help. He told police he tried to reason with the woman and was able to get one child out and to safety. But the woman eventually attacked him, which led to shooting.

The woman was taken to the hospital, where she died. The security guard is cooperating with police, who say this case will most likely be referred to a grand jury to determine whether anything criminal happened.

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