California Law Requiring Background Checks for Ammunition Now in Effect

California voters appear to have followed comedian Chris Rock's advice on gun control.

“You don't need no gun control, you know what you need? We need some bullet control. I think all bullets should cost $5,000,” Rock quipped during a 1999 stand up.

A new state law went into effect Monday requiring Californians to pay for a background check when purchasing ammunition. On top of that, Californians must pay $20 for the initial background check, then $1 every time they purchase ammo.

“Sounds like a real money grab to me,” says Mike Clark at Collectors Firearms in Houston. “California has a deal where if you want to sell a gun to your next door neighbor, the two of you can stand at the back fence and look at the guns together, but you have to go down to a licensed dealer.”

Several lawsuits challenging the California law already are in the works.

“I'm anticipating there will be the tax aspect, perhaps a burden on interstate commerce and also a restriction on Second Amendment rights,” says Rick Briscoe, legislative director for Open Carry Texas.

Briscoe calls it another backdoor attempt at gun control.

“San Antonio and other cities have tried using zoning ordinances to run gun stores out, just like San Francisco did.”

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