Cruz Blasts Dems, Congress Over Border Crisis

Sen. Ted Cruz is calling out his colleagues in Congress for failing to close asylum loopholes that put migrant families at risk.

After touring the Central Processing Center along the Texas-Mexico border, Cruz blasted Congress for allowing children to be used as a "get out of jail free card" for adults claiming asylum.

“They take a child that is not theirs, and you combine that with a legal system that says if you have a child you get let go. We are putting children in a position to be horribly abused. That's wrong. That is immoral,” he said Monday.

“The responsibility for this crisis lies directly on the United States Congress. On loopholes that Congress has put into law that are encouraging far too many people to make arduous journey.”

Cruz also took aim at Democrats for using the crisis for political gain.

“For all the political rhetoric about cages, that Central Processing facility was built in 2014 under President Obama, I toured it before it opened,” he said. “It was built because we saw then a flood of unaccompanied children coming in, that flood has gotten worse.”

Congress recently approved billions of taxpayer dollars to help Border Patrol deal with the crisis, but Cruz says Democrats denied funding for additional beds.

“We can't see in the back because there are so many people in there. That's how you end up with the spread of disease. That's how tragically you end up with people's lives being in peril. So it is not humane to cap the bed space at ICE.”

A plan from Sen. Lindsey Graham is in the works to force migrants to apply for asylum from their home country.

Meanwhile, at the other end of Texas, a group of congressional Democrats toured a Border Patrol detention facility which has come under fire for a lack of soap and toothpaste.



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