NRA Division Leaves Door Open for Other Gun Rights Groups

The National Rifle Association shuts down NRATV amid several lawsuits and a failed coup attempt by Oliver North.

David Amad with Open Carry Texas says this is the type of division that happens when you lose focus of why the NRA was founded.

“The NRA does not exist to fight for your gun rights, they exist to keep on making money, and finally some people are beginning to realize that,” he says.

“That's why the top 16 people in the NRA make upwards of one million dollars a year,” says Amad. “Really? You're fighting for rights and you're getting rich off of it.

Amad for years has been planning a launch of his own gun rights group, adding an announcement is expected in the coming weeks.

Dan Zimmerman, managing editor of The Truth About Guns thinks the NRA will survive, but with a much more narrow approach to gun rights. However, he acknowledges several other second amendment groups have emerged in recent years.

“The NRA is the 800 pound gorilla in the gun rights field,” he says. “But gun rights and the people who care about them are better served by a strong, healthy National Rifle Association.”

Right now he says, the NRA is too politicized while also trying push its wineries and safari excursions.

“I see it as a long slow process at the end of which President and CEO Wayne LaPierre will be gone one way or another,” says Zimmerman. “The question is how much damage will be done to the NRA before that happens.”



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