Texas Republicans not surprised by what they heard from Democrats in debate

Republicans in Texas didn’t hear anything they weren’t expecting to from the candidates on the debate stage in Miami last night.

Republican strategist Jason Johnson worked with Ted Cruz during his 2016 run for the Presidency. He tells KTRH the night was less about Joe Biden and more about Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

“Both of them, for millions of voters, who before last night didn’t know who they were, setting aside the policies they were advancing, had very strong performances,” Johnson said.

Johnson says both Biden and Bernie Sanders did not make the kind of impression they had been hoping to make.

“It was not a good night for the two front runners, at all,” Johnson stated.

In fact, Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review says Biden looked old and tired.

“He was resorting to his history. He did not have a great night,” Polland said.

Polland also says Democrats from older generations will have a tough time recognizing their party today.

“Elected officials, Democrats running in the 1990’s, would not recognize this party,” Polland told KTRH.

And, just as we saw Julian Castro get a bump out of Wednesday night's debate, Johnson says you can expect the same thing with Harris and Buttigieg.

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