Most Americans say they're losing sleep over money

Even in a good economy, most adult Americans say they're losing sleep over money. Rent, health care, credit card bills -- these are just a few of the things keeping us up at night.'s Ted Rossman says we're worried about paying the bills.

"32% of American adults are at least occasionally losing sleep over everyday expenses."

Rossman says saving for retirement has a lot of us worried.

"I think that makes sense; that's just such a big, lifelong goal for people. Healthcare and insurance bills were next, after that."

Rossman says get a side hustle or find ways to trim the fat.

"Cut your expenses. There's a lot of things we could probably cut out of our monthly budgets; maybe subscriptions we're not using, or that you're dining out a lot or going on expensive vacations -- or maybe you have a big car payment."

Rossman says, no surprise here, the most likely to lose sleep are parents with kids under 18.

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