Conservative women the latest target of the liberal media

It's not enough for the liberal media to elevate women on the left, they're putting down conservative women.

KPRC 950 talk show host Jesse Kelly said the media will use anyone to advance its agenda.

"But, it's no different than how they treat Black people when they vote Republican, or gay people when they vote Republican. Everybody is just a tool to further then ends of Leftism, that's all it is. Women are no different," said Kelly. "As soon as they decide that they want to be Republicans, or work for Trump, or work for anybody on the right, they're now traitors to their gender and the enemy and that's why they're actually treated worse than the men are.”

He said whether the media does it intentionally, or not, it plays bodyguard for the Democratic candidates and hatchetmen against the Republican candidates.

He called the media the communications wing of the Democratic Party. Once people realize that, everything makes sense.

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