Pelosi backs down, House passes Senate border package

This doesn't happen very often. Speaker Nancy Pelosi backed down, brought the 4.6 billion dollar Senate border package to the floor, and despite backlash from the extreme left part of her caucus, passed the bill that now goes to President Trump's desk.

But, make no mistake. Pelosi isn't happy, and made sure everyone knew about it once the deal was done.

"At the end of the day we have to make sure the respurces needed to protect the children are available," Pelosi said.

Former immigration judge and prosecutor Mark Metcalf told KTRH he expected compromise.

“The issue has become a hot topic in the public. The Democrats don’t want to be blamed for the failure to adopt a measure right now that will address the problems on the border, and these problems are acute,” Metcalf explained.

Those problems led to an outcry this week after a picture of a father and less than two year old daughter drowned in the Rio Grande. Metcalf says that picture was a nightmare for Democrats to explain away.

“At the beginning of the year they were saying this was all manufactured. That picture ended that terrible misstatement of what’s going on at the border,” Metcalf said.

Texas Republicans were on board with the bill. Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady called the bill an "important first step in fighting to end this crisis. Congressman Michael Burgess said, "While this funding is an important step forward, it is not a permanent fix."

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