People who have no regrets must've made good choices in advanced education

Reportedly, this year, student loan debt is nearly two trillion-dollars, topping the list of regrets for employees.

A study finds American workers regret student loan debt, followed by chosen area of study--if they studied humanities, the life and social sciences or arts.

Other regrets include poor networking, school choice, too many degrees, time spent completing education and academic underachievement.

Those in STEM-type jobs had the least regret because they have jobs that allowed them to pay off student loan debt.

Educators were also not regretful.

"People that are pursuing those types of professions knew going in it wasn't going to be a big pay off, but they were coming out of it into professions that they felt called to," said KD College Prep President David Dillard.

He said students should be making thoughtful and responsible financial decisions, explore interests early on to set you on the right trajectory--don't make knee jerk reaction decisions, research the occupation and career advancement paths.

"You need to compare educational institutions costs to your potential career earnings," said Dillard.

He said if your earnings aren't going to be a lot, there's no point in racking up a lot of debt to get there. If you're thoughtful in your school choice, you'll have peace of mind, not regret.

Most Baby Boomers had no advanced education regrets. However, some are now taking on student loan debt for their children or themselves to keep up with technology.

With artificial intelligence, Dillard said there will be futuristic career paths that haven't even been thought of that will be created in the coming years.

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