CPS accused of illegally removing four-year-old boy from homeschool family

On June 20, Child Protective Services illegally removed four-year-old Drake Pardo from his family, due to an “emergency”.

Texas Home School Coalition attorney Chris Branson said CPS called saying the doctors accused them of child abuse and they needed to have an emergency meeting. When he asked what the allegations were, CPS refused to say until they met in person--which he said is a violation of state law. After refusing to communicate with the family’s attorney for nearly two weeks, CPS showed up at the family’s door to remove Drake.

Branson said the boy was illegally removed from his parent’s home.

"State law is that at the first contact, they have to give you a detailed explanation of what the allegations are," said Branson.

In a rough cell phone video captured by the family, Drake’s father, Daniel, can be heard for several minutes attempting to keep Drake calm as he is taken to the police car and as he asks repeatedly why his father is not coming with him.

This was after a doctor retaliated against the family when the parents disagreed with the doctor and tried to find another doctor.

"The hospital has a policy, 'you can't fire your child's doctor, but the hospital has to give you permission to fire your child's doctor," said Branson.

He says since the mother disagreed with the diagnoses, she's been labeled as a medical child abuser.

"If you don't do what the doctors, when the doctors want, you are in danger of having CPS called on you," said Branson.

Next week, there will be a hearing on whether CPS will return Drake back home.

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