Trump starting to worry Democrats by targeting Hispanic vote

Democrats may be afraid that President Trump is starting to make inroads with Hispanic voters.

The President is preparing to target the Hispanic vote in his campaign, and political analyst Robert Gonzalez says he' not surprised. And he tells KTRH that you shouldn't be surprised to hear that there are many Hispanics that support Trump, too.

“The Hispanics in Texas who are working realize that the Democrats have nothing to offer. They support more abortions, more regulations, and more taxes. That doesn’t sell in the Hispanic neighborhoods,” Gonzalez explained.

Vice President Mike Pence is in Florida today to launch 'Latinos for Trump,' a national effort to mobilize the President's Latino support. Gonzalez says Trump would be wise to do the same thing here.

“The initiative in Florida absolutely, positively has to happen in Texas. You do not want to take anything for granted and we cannot lose Texas,” Gonzalez said.

Because the demographics, as we've told you about, are changing in Texas, and it could change our politics down the road.

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