HCFMO and Pct. 1 urge residents to follow laws regarding fireworks

Fireworks sales run now through July 4.

If you're going to DIY a fireworks show, Harris County Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen reminds you of a few laws.

"You can't be within 600 feet of a church, a hospital, an asylum or a child care facility when you're utilizing or discharging fireworks," said Rosen.

The 100 foot rule is to look around properly and establish there's no flammable items around them.

Of course, don't ever shoot fireworks from vehicles.

If you're under the age of 16, you can't buy fireworks.

Residents are urged to report complaints regarding the sale or illegal use of fireworks in the unincorporated areas of Harris County by calling (281) 999‐2200 or emailing fmosupport@fmo.hctx.net.

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