Texas gains nine new Hispanic residents for every new white resident

President Trump Threatens To Close The Southern Border With Mexico Over Immigration

New numbers from the Census show that the Hispanic population in Texas is growing very quickly.

New estimates show Texas picked up almost nine Hispanic residents for every new white resident last year. How many of these new Hispanics are legal immigrants? Steven Camarota with the Center for Immigration studies says the number of legal immigrants is probable more than 50%.

“There is a significant component that would be illegal. Texas is one of the states that attracts new illegal immigrants,” Camarota said.

Hispanics are expected to become the largest population group in Texas, maybe as early as 2022. Camarota says that will change our political landscape, and help Democrats.

“Both Asian and Hispanic immigrants vote Democratic almost two-to-one. Over time, Texas will become a more liberal or progressive state,” Camarota explained, adding that the liberalization of immigration over the last 40 years has also liberalized the country.

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