College graduates shocked at salaries at entry-level jobs

A survey finds college students have unrealistic salary expectations after graduation.

It’s not so much that starting salaries have changed over the past 10-20 years, but graduates want more things that are more expensive nowadays.

College Prep Genius CEO Jean Burk said today's graduates grew up with instant gratification and expect the executive salaries with entry level experience.

"They're expecting to have some amazing salary right after they graduated, when they really haven't enough time to perfect their trade and prove themselves, as well as to move up in the company," said Burk.

She said college is a lousy investment if graduates spend the next 20 years paying off loans for something done in a four-year time frame.

"You can actually get free college and you don't even have to become a socialist to do it," said Burk.

She said the median debt is $100,000 for college. A safe bet is to get a business degree.

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