Sen. Cornyn Rallies Support for Texas Republicans

Sen. John Cornyn has never lost an election, yet he's sounding the alarm that Texas is no longer a reliable red state.

Dr. Robert Stein, fellow in urban politics at Rice University, says 2020 is not so much about Cornyn's Senate seat, but rather the down ballot races which decide who controls the Texas Legislature.

“If they lose a majority or even more seats, their chances of redrawing congressional district boundaries in 2020 gets diminished, and that's where they are the most concerned,” he says.

Stein thinks Cornyn is really trying to motivate and shine a spotlight on Texas Republicans as a whole.

“I think there is every reason to think that Republicans now are concerned,” he says. “I would look also for some evidence that there's a primary race against Corny, which I think is remote, if not even impossible.”

“You're seeing a shakeup in the Republican base, it's declining and disappearing, and Democrats seem to have something going for them which they never had, which is turnout.”

However, Stein still believes defeating Cornyn is a long shot for Democrats, adding he thinks Beto O'Rourke will stay in the presidential race at least through Super Tuesday.

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