Sanctuary States, Cities Continue to Break from Current Immigration Law

New York is the 13th state to allow illegal aliens to apply for a driver's license, leading many to ask when we become a nation without law?

Licenses issued to illegal aliens in New York will be stamped in an effort to prevent them from using it for federal purposes – including elections – but it still allows them to purchase auto insurance and helps avoid deportation.

Maria Espinoza with The Remembrance Project, an advocacy group for Americans killed by illegal aliens, says she just wants existing laws to be enforced.

“Use the laws that are on the books to actually prosecute these offenders, the sanctuary city mayors, sanctuary state governors, and all of these municipalities,” she says.

Instead, Espinoza says we've now become a nation of two separate laws.

“One is for the citizens of this country and the legal residents, and one set for illegal aliens, which basically means they don't have to abide by the law,” she says. “We have to decide whether we're going to be a lawless nation or a lawful nation.”

Espinoza and other Angel Families will soon tour Texas and other parts of the U.S., discussing the state of illegal immigration. It kicks off June 26 in Corpus Christi.

“We have great laws on the books that address if you aid and abet an illegal alien, and here they're not even being enforced.”

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