Trump talks deportations and healthcare, but gives few details

The President is Tweeting about deportation plans and talking about overhauling healthcare. But something seems to be missing.

That something missing is specifics. Now you might think that's a bad thing. But Political consultant Joe Brettell told KTRH the President is trying to win the news cycle by giving the base things they want to hear.

“He needs to have several data points for the base that may not be completely happy with trade agreements,” Brettell said.

Brettell says that given our short attention span the President, and most of the 2020 Democrats, don't need specifics right now.

“If you can put an idea out there and make it look like you have the talking points of not a full plan then that’s been able to suffice,” Brettell explained.

In fact, the only candidate who says “I have a plan for that” on most every subject is Elizabeth Warren, who is still well behind front runner Joe Biden.

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