Texans approve of the job Trump is doing

The President is officially in campaign mode now, and it looks like he’s on the right side of things in the minds of Texans.

In a new poll from U-T and the Texas Tribune, more than half of Texans approved of the job he's been doing as President. Ross Ramsey with the Texas Tribune told KTRH that's good news for Trump.

“He’s actually getting favorable notices. Inside the numbers he’s doing well with Republicans,” Ramsey said.

And the partisan divide accounts for similar splits on his leadership, competence and knowledge. Ramsey says one thing is clear. Republicans will have to do some work in Texas in 2020.

“They are going to have to play some defense here in a way they didn’t have to five or ten years ago, Ramsey explained, adding that when it comes to Trump, Texas Republicans overwhelmingly support him, and Democrats do not.

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