New law would make dirty jokes on Texas colleges be a crime

New bills that signed by Texas by Governor Greg Abbott have made something as simple as telling a dirty joke on a Texas college campus could make you a criminal.

Those are the impacts of a pair of bills just signed by the Governor.’ Joe Cohn with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education told KTRH it’s ridiculous.

“The bill puts all kinds of speech at risk. Dirty jokes are just one category that is threatened,” Cohn explained.

Attorney Mark Pulliam rails against the left leaning policies of Texas schools, and explains why bills like this were passed.

“There are people pushing these reforms in the wake of the Baylor scandal,” Pulliam stated.

Cohn says the bills simply go too far.

“It’s definitely overreach. It’s not even close to being constitutional,” Cohn said, adding that his group sent Governor Abbott a letter last week warning him about the implications of the new law.

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