East Texas city council bans abortions in town's jurisdiction

An East Texas town has taken a pro-life stance and declared abortion illegal concerned the Shreveport abortion facility will move their business across the border since Louisiana now offers more protections for pre-born children than Texas.

Louisiana governor's recently took a strong stance against abortion, which might've played a role for Waskom officials to declare it a sanctuary city for the unborn.

Rebecca Parma is a legislative and political associate with Texas Right to Life said Waskom City Council, in East Texas passed a city ordinance citing abortion is illegal within city limits.

"Shreveport's only 20 miles away from Waskom and so they wanted to make it very clear that their city has no place for abortion providers, and they wanted to provide full protection to preborn children who are the most vulnerable among us," said Parma.

The ordinance does not penalize women for having an abortion.

Parma said this could create a lawsuit against the city, which might go to the Supreme Court.

"And, it kind of creates an innovative way towards undermining the legal foundation of Roe versus Wade," said Parma.

The measure differs from state laws and initiatives that prohibit abortions early in pregnancy or outlawing all abortions in multiple critical ways. 

Waskom Mayor Jesse Moore said, "We decided to take things into our own hands, and we've got to do something to protect our cities and to protect the unborn children."

Parma said this legislative session, the Texas House didn't pass any bills to stop abortion, leaving cities and pro-lifers to try and protect unborn children on their own.

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