Liberal 'dark money groups' trying to reverse the Trump judicial reforms

Liberal 'dark money groups,' with money to spend, are working on a way to reverse the reform that President Trump has brought to the judicial system.

Groups like the Alliance for Justice are trying to identify liberal judges should Democrats win the presidency. Carrie Severino with the Judicial Crisis Network told KTRH these groups took note when then candidate Trump talked openly about his possible Supreme Court picks.

"Americans were so impressed with his list of potential Supreme Court nominees. That was a huge turning point in the election. They want to do the same thing. They are hoping they get the White House and have seats to fill," she said.

But there's one difference. These groups have secret candidates.

"If these were people they thought the American people wanted to see on the Supreme Court they would be making this public," Severino stated.

One hundred 100 federal judges, by some estimations, may need to be replaced after the 2020 election.

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