Wear Pink Today. It's Maleah Davis Day

Everyone in Houston is encouraged to wear pink on Sunday in honor of four-year-old Maleah Davis.

Mayor Sylvester Turner issued a proclamation declaring today Maleah Davis Day. Her remains were found in Arkansas more than a month after she went missing. On Saturday hundreds of residents around Hope, Arkansas donned pink and held a vigil near the area where were body was found in a black trash bag.

Early this morning mourners in Houston walked from City Hall to the Harris County Jail where her step-father Derion Vence remains behind bars on a charge of tampering with evidence. Medical Examiners are still trying to determine the cause of death, but Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is pledging to seek justice for her.

City Hall will be bathed in pink lights this evening.

Pink was the child’s favorite color.

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