More victims of former Harris Co. Pct. 4 deputy constable anticipated

An ongoing investigation from last summer has led to the arrest of a former Harris County Precinct Four deputy constable for sexual assault charges.

Richard Cornejo, 37, has been indicted on sexual assault charges.

In July 2018, a woman found sleeping in her car outside of a club, accused Cornejo of sexually assaulting her.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said it was happening when women were coming out of an after-hours club.

"The fact that he's been arrested and charged, is proof that we're going to take it seriously and we're going to bring him to justice and we're going to bring justice to his victims," said Acevedo.

He said they don't know when this conduct started.

"When it comes to our attention, we're going to come after you. From our perspective, it's even more important to go after a person who is wearing a uniform, misusing that uniform to commit crimes," said Acevedo.

Cornejo became a deputy constable in 2016.

Acevedo said there might be more victims out there and urges them to come forward.

"When a person's wearing a uniform, and a gun, and a badge, and they stop you, and maybe you are in possession of marijuana, or you've been drinking, or you shouldn't have been driving, and you engage in sexual conduct, how can you have consent? That's what official oppression's all about," said Acevedo.

He said for the victims to start the healing process, they need to hold the suspect accountable for every victim.

Cornejo faces 20 years in prison for rape, and remains in jail on 135-thousand-dollar bond.

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