Get your "Emotional Go Kits" ready for hurricane season

In life there are unplanned special events that there's no way you could ever plan for and then there's seasonal events like hurricane season.

Trauma Specialist and author Dr. Laurie Nadel said as part of your emergency supply and first-aid kits, you should also have an "emotional go kit".

"Ziplock bags and a couple of notebooks. In one notebook, you need to keep a log of everybody who you speak to and their phone number. And, if you can remember to put down the date and time, that's great," said Nadel.

She said what happens is after a couple of weeks have passed, insurance company says one thing and FEMA says something and you start getting conflicting reports.

"Keep a playlist of music or sounds that you find relaxing. For kids and also for adults, there are these wonderful stress coloring books," said Nadel.

She said pack healthy snacks, avoid alcohol, which is a depressant, and caffeine, a stimulant. Both will increase feelings of sadness, grief and depression. Don’t eat alone, don’t isolate yourself.

She added people don't realize they'll be making survival decisions while in shock.

For people who have been through one before, there will be re-triggering. You might get flashbacks watching new coverage taking you back to the previous natural disaster.

It could take three to five years to recover emotionally from a disaster.

Survival kit Checklist

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