Health Anxiety in Your Life

Texas family physician Dr. George Zbgourides and author of Stop Worrying About Your Health,has increasingly seen people who are excessively concerned about health issues...some to the point it's interfering with mental health, work and relationships. He adds that there's a little hypochondria going along with it. “Today I was dealing with a woman who came in with some kind of rash.She had been “googling” and came up with a lot of information about different kinds of cancer it could be. She was very worried. I gave her some reassurances that it was just a little rash! Remember – online research is a great tool to find out information AFTER a diagnosis has been made by your healthcare professions.It is NOT for making a diagnosis!”

There is a new syndrome called "healthcare anxiety." It manifests itself by constantly checking your fit-bit and counting calories and steps as well as researching online every ache and pain.Dr. Zbgourides says, “I believe with Fitness Trackers it’s getting worse out there.With more information available, people are becoming more obsessed with details.”

Dr. Zgourides, says it's contributing to a culture of angst.“People are so focused on their insides, they are losing their overall general context and perspective of their lives.” His last piece of advice: “Use health information as helper --- not a dictator.

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