We're As Bad as the Kids with Cell Phones

Shoppers at a mall send text messages us

Yikes. Haven’t we all either corrected young people for their obsessive over-use of their devices like cell phones at inappropriate times or wanted to? We’re just as bad.

A new report by Common Sense Media finds that 39% of teenagers say they wish their parents would get off their device. That’s up from 28% three years ago.

38% of teenagers say they feel their parents are addicted to their phones. Oh, that’s what we were just saying about them.

Texas Licensed Professional Counselor Leigh Richardson treats families, and said she’s heard the conversations in her own office. “Most parents think their teenagers are distracted by their devices daily and most teenagers think their parents are distracted by their devices as well.”

That whole “do as I say and not as I do” thing is coming back to haunt us. They’re imitating our behavior and it is not to the benefit of anyone.

61% of parents and 70% of kids says they check their phones less than 30 minutes before bedtime. The parents should know that late exposure to the blue rays of electronic devices are bad if you want a good night’s sleep.

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