Employees plan to spend 10 days out of office during summer

A recent Accountemps survey found nearly six in 10 workers (58%) save their vacation time for June, July and August, and plan to take an average of 10 days off this summer.

Workers were asked, “Do you save your vacation time for the summer months?






 Workers were also asked, “How many vacation days do you plan to take this summer?

0 days 


1-5 days


6-10 days


11-15 days


16-20 days


21+ days



Bosses and employees might think vacations might create potential productivity gaps, but it actually can be helpful.

"And, if you think about burnout and busy season, it's really important that you step away from the office and you use the allotted time given to do things that can benefit you--rest and relaxation, health and wellness," said Robert Half Houston's regional president Brandi Clark.

She said employers need to have a plan so every employee can have their time away.

"So they can go back and be in a good position to do their job well. It's important to take that time away and just take care of yourself," said Clark.

She said when you go on vacation...remember to disconnect electronically from the office.

Portrait of smiling woman floating down river in inner tube on summer afternoon

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