Democrats are now the party of grievance

Former President Obama And Former Attorney General Eric Holder Campaigns With Michigan Democrats

The Democrats have played identity politics for years, and now they are playing grievance politics.

In fact they've been called the 'grievance party.' Party leaders keep saying that blacks, Hispanics, gays and other groups are victims because of inequality. Political strategist Jason Johnson it's an appropriate name for the party today.

“Grievance sums it up perfectly. Without them they have a very difficult time with turnout in 2020,” Johnson said.

Johnson says this is not a winning formula for the left, because they need the independents and moderate Democrats to win in 2020.

“They left those middle of the road voters with their extreme, and frankly in my view, crazy policy positions that they are taking,” Johnson explained.

An example of the left's grievance and hypocrisy is this. Kamala Harris paying men more than women, but promising to end unequal pay if she wins the Presidency next year.

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