Conference Committee Still Working on Property Tax Relief, School Finance

Still no compromise on a massive property tax reform bill lingering in Austin. Texas lawmakers last week rejected a proposed sales tax hike to help offset school finances and offer immediate relief for property owners, but Sen. Paul Bettencourt's original bill continues to work through the process.

“I’ve got high confident in our Conference Committee chair with Sen. Hancock, one of our best negotiators, so I’m optimistic,” he says.

The Conference Committee is tasked with trying to merge an education funding bill from the House with Bettencourt’s plan to slow the growth rate of property taxes.

“The education bill is still there.There is tax relief.The question is how much?But those are big complicated bills of about 300 pages,” says Bettencourt.

“When you have these types of major bills, they have to be laid out side-by-sides, and that’s why there’s a Conference Committee.“That’s the kind of thing that gets hammered out in the last week of session.”

If no agreement is reached, it will be up to Gov. Abbott to decide whether or not to call a special session.



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