LISTEN: Union chief calls out Turner before meeting, news conference

UPDATE: Union chief Marty Lancton joined Jimmy and Shara on Houston's Morning News to update where we stand before this morning's meeting between the firefighters and Mayor Turner. You can listen to what he had to say, including his callout of the Mayor, below.


ORIGINAL: Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has scheduled a 10:30 am news conference Friday to talk about the “status of court-ordered non-binding mediation among the city, the fire union and the police union over the implementation of Proposition B, which mandated 29% salary hikes on average for firefighters, without a funding source.”

The two sides met for several hours Thursday. Mayor Turner remained upbeat even as talks went late into the day, but it ended without a resolution.

“I will tell you that the city went beyond what we put on the table it’s unfortunate that it was not accepted," he told reporters.

Mayoral challenger Bill King issued a statement saying, "The longer Sylvester Turner prolongs this manufactured crisis, the longer it will take to repair and revive the fire department, as well as refocus the city back to the municipal services it should be prioritizing, like fixing our streets, reducing crime, picking up the trash on time, and cleaning up City Hall."

Local 341 president Marty Lancton again criticized the mayor and city council for voting to layoff 220 firefighters, while at the same time demoting another 400, even as talks continued.

“The fact that you have firefighters and their families that are absolutely the target of a political stunt by this mayor, and it is absolutely putting public safety at-risk as we've been saying for months,” he said earlier Thursday. “And it doesn't make any sense. Nobody's buying it.”


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