POLL: Could Houston businesses ban handshakes at the office?

If you have an important meeting today, you might want to reconsider shaking hands before the meeting starts. And it’s got nothing to do with germs, either.

It's got everything to do with snowflakes and the #MeToo movement. There are some companies considering a ban on all physical contact at the office, including handshakes. Workplace culture expert Joshua Evans told KTRH that's extreme.

“Banning all physical contact is ridiculous. It’s a terrible idea,” Evans stated.

Evans thinks this could get even worse.

“What, no eye contact from here on out, because that could be considered aggressive. It seems like such a ridiculous thing to start pushing the bounds of how little we can interact with other people when we are sitting right next to them or working with them,” Evans explained.

Three out of four people according to TotalJobs say they want all physical contact banned at work.

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