The Texas House considers fantasy sports

Texans can already wager on fantasy sports at sites like "Fan Duel" and "Draft Kings" and a State House bill would codify that. Proponents say fantasy sports are games of skill, not pure chance.

Scott Dunaway is with the Texas Fantasy Sports Alliance.

"This bill clarifies what Texans already know and believe, that fantasy sports are legal in our state."

Dunaway says it's a growing industry they want to see thrive.

"The law and the way that laws were written never contemplated playing fantasy sports in the state of Texas, so that's why House Bill 2303 is super important."

El Paso state rep Joe Moody says "no one should be subject to arrest and prosecution because they played a game."

Dunaway agrees.

"It contemplates things that perhaps the government didn't keep up with when it was legislating and this is an important step in that process so that Texans know playing fantasy sports is legal in our state."

If it passes in the House, SB 2303 will then go to the Senate.

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