Wallet Hub report doesn't look good for local realtors

Real estate has made more millionaires in the world than any other industry.

WalletHub released its report on 2019's Best Places to Be a Real Estate Agent and Houston did not fair well.

Goldwater Bank Vice President, Cypress branch manager and certified mortgage plannerChris Nooney has been in the Houston real estate market for 18 years. He said there’s no way to do a fair and accurate comparison without it becoming a skewed opinion of each market.

For example, Houston could have 30,000 realtors whereas Denver, Colorado might have 3,000.

He said the report is all relative—is this a new agent versus a seasoned one. Or perhaps the part of town or clientele is their focus. Adding, there’s many different aspects of realtors from their support staff, title companies and mortgage lending.

Nooney said you can't compare a small market area to Houston's major metropolitan area that has a very robust and healthy housing market.

"We do have a consistent economy, we have consistent economic growth, average appreciation 2.1 percent after you take out the cost of inflation," said Nooney.

He said Houston has reliably been a slow, steady and consistent market.

"We live in a very healthy robust market and we have a solid economy that's not just oil driven anymore," said Nooney.

WalletHub used 19 key indicators of a healthy housing market, ranging from sales per agent to annual median wage for real-estate agents to housing-market health index.

Houston ranks:

  • 25th – Annual Median Wage for Real-Estate Agents
  • 56th – Real-Estate Employment Growth
  • 111th – Sales per Agent
  • 121st – Housing-Market Health Index
  • 127th – Days on Market
  • 128th – Median Home Price
  • 157th – Real-Estate Employment Attractiveness

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