Off to the Race! Joe Biden is All In for 2020

Well it’s finally official, former Vice President Joe Biden has jumped in the race for president in 2020. He announced his bid by video and positioned his run as a battle for the soul of the nation, saying we cannot let Donald Trump alter the character of the nation. Zach Montellaro, campaign reporter for Politico, joins us for what to watch out for as Joe Biden joins an already crowded field of contenders.

Next, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un just held his first summit with the Russian president and Putin confirmed that North Korea is willing to give up their nuclear weapons, but only if they get ironclad security guarantees. We are also hearing that as we were trying to get a comatose Otto Warmbier back after being held by North Korean for 17 months, they issued a $2 million bill for his hospital care before he could be released. Dave Lawler, Axios world editor, joins us for the latest.

Finally, you only have a year and a half left. Airports and the TSA are gearing up for the Real ID deadline and you should be too. You won’t be able to fly domestically after October 1, 2020 unless you have a Real ID compliant license, or you want to carry around your passport. Harriet Baskas, contributor to USA Today, joins us for why you should get your Real ID sooner rather than later.



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