You Are Not Among the 10% of Americans Who Don't Use the Internet

It’s hard to imagine but there are still internet virgins.

Pew Research finds ten percent of Americans have never traversed the World Wide Web. You, apparently, are not among them.

It does represent an increase, however, in the number of people signing on over time. In 2000, 48% of American adults didn’t go online. But there is still a segment of society that is being left behind, and they tend to be older, poorer and more rural.

“Seniors are one of the most likely groups to be offline. About one in five Americans ages 65 and up say they never use the internet,” says Monica Anderson, a senior researcher with Pew who focuses on technology and the internet. It’s fewer than 10% for those under 65.

“15% of rural adults say they never go online. That compares to 9% of those who live in urban areas and just 6% of those who live in suburbs,” Anderson adds.

Household income and education level attained are also indicators.

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