It's a good time to sell or buy a house

Nationally, home sales are down; but that's not the case in Houston, where the energy industry is fueling a seller's market.

Houston real estate agent Mike Weaster says it's a good time for both buyers and sellers.

"From what I see, home sales are still strong; buyers are still able to buy and sellers are happy with what they're getting."

Weaster says Hurricane Harvey remains a factor.

"If your buyers are looking at areas that particularly flooded, if you will, during Hurricane Harvey, then they can makes some pretty good deals, but on the whole it's a sellers' market."

Weaster says he's fielding lots of calls from out of state from those looking to move into the energy sector.

"Ya know, I always judge a lot of what I do by the area code and the phone numbers that call me and I'm getting a lot of out of state phone calls from people looking for houses."

With oil prices up and the Trump administration relaxing rules for drillers, Houston is selling plenty of houses, especially those flood-damaged in Hurricane Harvey.

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