Mental Health Apps Can Help You as They Help Themselves

There are many mental health apps out there. Kami Huyse of Zoetica Media looked them up yesterday. “There are 245 Mental Health apps right now on Android in the Play Store. They start from just relaxation to help you ease your stress and then go all the way up to very specialized types of things like depression and other disorders like addiction and quitting smoking.” They are free for the using and have large customer bases. Huyse continues, “The apps are helpful because they can point out to the user when they are having an issue.”

One thing most of these apps don't tell users is that they share the users’ information with social media platforms. No personal information --- just user’s comments and habits. Huyse explains that the app is free and the creators have to pay their bills somehow. Users may be hit with targeted ads but as long as they don't enter classified information, none can be shared.

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